Today Titanic, Tomorrow Happiness





It pains me to say, but I’m disappointed in nowadays relationships.

This might not seem like a big deal, but it is part of a much bigger problem.

Now and then I feel this strong sensation of complete and utter boredom coming over me and I feel I should be on my guard a little bit.

Headaches force me to fall back into old habits.

A couple of guys, just asked some frat guys if they had a “grinder,” and I feel the urge to go over, so I tell them: “the only thing you need is a set of hands.” The dudes remind me of myself when I was a bit younger. They just manage to roll the joint close.

Something they seem to find very important is the way they look, when rolling.

I catch myself making a swift resemblance to Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) in Titanic, as I’m smoking my cigar. The scène with Kate Winslet in which he draws her: “like one of your French girls.”



A set of magpie attack a pigeon, on the rooftop and I observe the lads rolling the weed. It’s 3 stoner guys. One tall, wearing a t-shirt and blue shorts, clearly designed by Calvin Klein.

Another guy with a grey tracksuit and the hood thrown over his head.

A third, bit shorter, guy with dark hair. His beard growth seems to have just erupted, and he hasn’t started shaving yet.

Two teenage girls are sitting on the steps beside them, and seem annoyed. Possibly because of boredom, or possibly because of the three guys, seem to fancy them, but don’t pay attention to the girls.

After a while the girls get fed up, and they leave.

Something the guys don’t seem to like.

I see it happening and I feel bad.

As I light another cigar, I think of ways to reach the kids to tell them to ”always be yourself.”

They see me pondering and come to investigate.

I say: “don’t be like me, just be yourself,” and I think back of how I liked to be treated when I was 16, so I tell them:  “I also smoked weed when I was your age.

I liked listening to people who admitted they made mistakes, not to people who claimed to have it all.”

I then tell them: “Stand up for yourself and don’t pick on someone half your size.

If you’re going to start something, make sure it’s with someone who is bigger than you, so it means something when you beat them.”



This is something that comes from hard work and which you will find when your wishes, big or small, come true.

People are starting to loosen up once more.

I’m sitting on the perch of North End’s sun filled, grass fielded, water’s edge.

I realise the frat guys over on the terrace live so closely together and also that I’m making a fuss, but couldn’t help get revolted by their sunbathing, all-stars attitude.

The thing I don’t understand is why they try to look so cocky. I guess it’s rooted in their inexperience to talk to the women, they live so closely together with.


Arthur Ross

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